Kaybex Products

Gel Hand Sanitiser

The sanitiser is a gel-like alcohol-base that is used after hands have been washed.

Benefits: Quick drying, Non corrosive, Safe on skin, Alcohol based disinfecting properties.

Liquid Sanitiser

The liquid sanitiser is ready to use alcohol-based for hard surfaces. It is also suitable to sanitise hands.

Benefits: Quick drying, Alcohol based disinfecting properties.

Antibacterial Hand Soap

The mild antibacterial hand wash is soft on hands and no added perfumes.

Benefits: Highly effective bactericidal agent, Mild on hands; suitable for frequent hand washing,Fully biodegradable.

Eco Dish Soap

Eco Dish Soap is a high foaming manual dishwashing liquid for use on kitchen equipment and hard surfaces.

Benefits: Powerful concentrated formula, Leaves no smears or streaks, Fully biodegradable.

Eco Degreaser

Eco degreaser is a multipurpose cleaner suitable for the removal of fat, carbon, oil & soil from any surfaces.

Benefits: Fast acting, Free rinsing, Fully biodegradable.

Antibacterial Surface Cleaner

The antibacterial cleaner is a liquid detergent disinfectant which cleans and disinfects surfaces in one step.

Benefits: Kills a wide spectrum of bacteria in one application, Fully biodegradable.